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December 5, 2022

Hardware News


Infineon and Fingerprints Partner on Biometric Payment Cards

Infineon Technologies and Fingerprint Cards announced the signing of a joint development and commercialization agreement of a plug-and-play turnkey solution for a biometric payment smart card. The goal of the cooperation is to make biometric smart card production as simple and easy as producing a standard dual interface payment card. This SECORA Pay Bio turnkey solution will include both Fingerprints’ FPC1323 sensor with its biometric software algorithm and Infineon's upcoming SLC39B Secure Element.



Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance

The Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance is designed to offer AI-powered data protections, including consistent backup and restore functions, with support for Kubernetes and VMware hybrid cloud environments. The appliance is also aimed at helping to accelerate the adoption of zero-trust architectures. Dell claims it can be deployed in under 30 minutes, offers 12TB to 96TB of storage, has VMware integrated, and is cloud-ready and cyber recovery-ready.



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Software Updates


How to Troubleshoot and Reset Windows Update

When Windows Update refuses to cooperate, there are three basic troubleshooting steps to take in Windows 10 or 11 to get it back on track. This article lays out the best three approaches to recover Windows Update.



Data Migration: Best Practices and Strategies

Migrating data, systems, IT infrastructure and applications is no easy feat. There are several components that go into creating a data migration strategy, but the most important ones stem from which of the two main data migration strategies you choose to shape your plan. In a big bang migration strategy, migrations are executed in full, with all data, applications and other pre-identified assets moving at once, while the trickle migration approach takes on migration in phases. Both methodologies are covered in this article.



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ITM Adoption Ramps Up

A commissioned ITM Sentiment Study was recently conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of NCR Corporation and it found that 40% of FIs reported that accountholder demands for additional service hours are one of the pain points that drove, or are driving, their decision to adopt ITMs. When comparing the transactions users conduct on an ITM versus with an in-person teller, the top four are the same: check deposit, cash deposit, cash withdrawal with specific bill types and cash check.



GLORY Launches TellerConcierge

GLORY announces its all new in-branch multi-transactional branch banking solution called TellerConcierge. The company claims that TellerConcierge automates almost any banking transaction, including the advanced requirements of the small to mid-sized business ssegment, which are not possible to serve on most ATMs.



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Wireless World


10 Questions That Will Reveal Whether Your Financial App Needs a Redesign

The author provides a 10 point quiz on your mobile banking app. He offers these points to consider: 1. A Lot of Complaints or Little Usage; 2. The App's Rating is Lower Than Four Stars; 3. The App Doesn't Match Modern UI Guidelines; 4. The App Doesn't Provide a Completely Digital Experience; 5. Competitors Look Similar or Even Better; 6. The App Doesn't Fit Your Brand's Personality; 7. The App Doesn't Reflect Your Digital Strategy; 8. The Products’ Digital Ecosystem is Fragmented; 9. The App Doesn't Fulfill the Purpose of Your Organization; and 10. Your Market Share Has Decreased.



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Security Section


Shoreline Releases Incident Insights

Shoreline has launched Incident Insights, a complimentary product that helps IT teams analyze their incidents. The tool automatically ingests ticketing data from incident management systems, and applies a machine learning algorithm to filter and group tickets. This makes it easier to identify the underlying causes of incidents. Incident Insights allows users to highlight top issues and calculate important metrics such as MTTA (mean time to acknowledge) and MTTR (mean time to repair).



Delinea Introduces Granular Privileged Access Controls on Servers

Delinea announced the latest release of Cloud Suite, its solution that controls privileged access and authorization for on-premises and cloud servers. A new granular privilege elevation workflow allows users to request elevated privileges to execute specific commands or command sets that require full administrator rights. New functionality also enables administrators to assign privileged roles on Linux servers with more detailed control, helping to ensure that productivity does not compromise security.



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Technology and Marketing


Marketing Success in a Cookieless Future

Third-party cookies have long been a digital marketing mainstay to help advertisers understand and track consumer behavior across websites and devices, allowing them to personalize advertising and measure effectiveness. Third-party cookies, which are loaded from third-party servers for advertising and tracking purposes, are on borrowed time. Consumers are gaining control: They can now opt out of sharing information. The author concludes that in this reshaped landscape, personalization is critical and goes onto explain why in this article.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


The Wrong and Right Ways to Balance Digital and Branch Banking

Many FIs have simultaneously set goals of becoming “mobile-first” and reducing costs by trimming their branch systems. But there are downsides to such thinking that may not be adequately accounted for in their strategy. This article makes a case for rethinking how branches are used instead and, in cases when branches are closed, handling the disruptive process with more empathy.



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Internet Access


Trend Micro Cloud Sentry Helps Identify Threats in Cloud Infrastructure

Trend Micro Cloud Sentry lets IT teams manage a single deployment per AWS account regardless of how resources are deployed or updated. Cloud Sentry is available for preview customers with integrity monitoring and anti-malware security controls, protecting EC2 instances, ECR images and Lambda functions. Vulnerability scanning, log inspection, and additional storage support are planned for the near future.



5 DNS Services to Provide a Layer of Internet Security

Because the Domain Name System (DNS) enables individual computers to reach destinations on the Internet, services that filter out dangerous or unwanted sites can improve overall network security. DNS services provide a mix of tools to customize what content is filtered and which sites are blocked, among other useful features. This article describes five of these services: 1) AdGuard DNS; 2) Comodo Secure Internet Gateway; 3) Control D; 4) NextDNS; and 5) OpenDNS.



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Call Centers


Giving and Learning from Engagement Survey Feedback

The author states that without guidance, it can be difficult for an employee to understand how their job survey feedback helps the contact center improve year over year. It can also be a challenge for a contact center manager to review and analyze the results of an engagement survey to uncover the pearls of wisdom held within. To help with these matters, she offers a few pieces of advice that you can share with your agents and managers before completing and/or reviewing the results of your employee engagement survey.



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