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September 16, 2019

Hardware News


Where Dollar Bills Come From

No trees are killed in the making of dollar bills - they are 75% cotton and 25% linen. Currency paper can last about 5,000 folds, while normal copy machine paper will break after about a hundred. A small mill in Massachusetts is the sole provider of the paper and it is difficult to duplicate - researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago published an estimate that something like only 1 in 10,000 U.S. bills in circulation are fakes.



What All-Flash Storage Means for the Future of Enterprise IT

Dell's use of Optane SSDs in their high-end PowerMax line could be the start of wider industry enthusiasm, as Intel is packaging Optane in more flexible ways for the enterprise.



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Software Updates


Google Cloud Unveils Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory Beta

In on-premises environments, Microsoft Active Directory is one of the most deployed technologies, providing authentication and access to enterprise resources. When organizations move to the cloud and attempt some form of hybrid deployment, Active Directory is also often a requirement, which is why Google has been developing a Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory. The Google Cloud service just became available as a public beta.



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How to Improve ATM Security with Remote Key Loading

Only 44% of FIs are currently using Remote Key Loading (RKL) according to ATM Marketplace's 2019 ATM and Self-service Software Trends report. Good security practice dictates that cryptographic keys be updated periodically. Many security experts argue that RKL both improves security and reduces operational costs.



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Wireless World


How Smaller FIs Can Win the Mobile Banking Arms Race

Over the past five years, the emphasis for most financial institutions has been on increasing the functionality and features of mobile banking applications. With many of the high demand capabilities already built into most apps, this article proposes that FIs should now shift their focus to providing a better UI and contextual advice through mobile devices.



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Security Section


Why We're Still Losing the Fight Against Phishing Attacks

Nearly all successful email-based cyberattacks require the target to open files, click on links, or carry out some other action. While a tiny fraction of attacks rely on exploit kits and known software vulnerabilities to compromise systems, the vast majority of campaigns, 99%, require some level of human input to execute.



Awake Security Enhances Its Platform with the Ability to Identify Attackers Based on Their Intent

Awake Security announced enhancements to its platform including the introduction of Adversarial Modeling, which they claim is an industry-first capability that gives security teams an ability to identify attackers based on their intent. Adversarial modeling requires multi-dimensional analysis that spans factors including time, entities and protocols.



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Technology and Marketing


Survey: Generation Z Keen on Learning About Personal Finance and Credit

According to a recent survey conducted by Experian, only 19% of Gen Z — the youngest adult generation — consumers reported feeling that they had a solid grasp on credit in general. Only about one-third — 36% — of Gen Z consumers said they had taken a class on a financial topic, and among that group, many of them still had looming financial questions. Of the 64% that had never taken a financial education class, 43% reported wanting to learn to save money, 38% wanted to learn how to manage their expenses, and another 36% said they wanted to take a class that taught them how to file their taxes.



Adobe Adds Customer Journey Analytics, Designed to Be Accessible to All Marketers

Adobe has released Customer Journey Analytics as part of its Adobe Analytics platform. The new analytics offering is powered by Adobe Experience Platform and is touted as an easy-to-use, interactive analytics interface that enables “anyone in an organization” to work with data, not just data scientists.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Mastercard Partners R3 on Blockchain-Powered Cross-Border Payments

Mastercard has joined forces with R3 to develop a blockchain-powered cross-border payments system connecting global faster payments infrastructures, schemes and FIs supported by a clearing and settlement network operated by the card giant. The plan, which will initially build towards a pilot, brings together Mastercard's payment systems assets, brand and distribution with R3's blockchain expertise.



How Gen X and Small Business Banking Needs Converge

This article states that there's convergence between the ownership and management of small and medium-sized businesses and Generation Xers (consumers age 38 – 52). It goes on to explain the similarities between these two groups.



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Internet Access


SD-WAN Named Most Disruptive Network Tech of 2019

SD-WAN has become the most disruptive network technology on the market today, but it has yet to supplant MPLS for most large enterprises, according to a report from Avant. The report ranked SD-WAN as the most disruptive networking technology of 2019 followed by universal communications-as-a-service and cloud infrastructure.



5 Must-Have SD-WAN Security Capabilities

Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (SD-WAN) allows organizations to deploy strong security features at the network edge and easily apply security policies throughout the network. Among the must-have security features customers are looking for include the following: 1. Policies for on-demand security; 2. Encryption; 3. Distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) protection; 4. Unified threat management (UTM)/firewalls; and 5. Threat intelligence.



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Call Centers


Adopting an AI Chatbot to Improve Consumer and Employee Experience

AI chatbots can help reduce the strain on contact centers with their 24/7 availability. Some sophisticated chatbots are now actually using sentiment analysis throughout the conversation and that’s so that they can monitor how the customer is feeling. If the system detects that they’re becoming frustrated or angry, they will automatically hand them off to a human agent to enable a smooth transition and help enable an optimal experience.



How AI and Voice Analytics Can Improve the Call Center Experience

If you can't help agents enhance their knowledge bases, or assist them during their interactions, it becomes difficult to improve contact center performance. This article looks at some ways that AI and voice-based data analytics can enhance call center agents' performance.



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