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April 29, 2019

Hardware News


5 Reasons a Widescreen Monitor Can Increase Productivity

More employees are using multiple computer monitors to get work done, but experience some common challenges. This article covers some tips for increasing your productivity using multiple monitors.



Dell EMC and Cisco Renew Converged Infrastructure Alliance

The deal is centered around Dell EMC’s VxBlock product line, which originally started out in 2009 as a joint venture between EMC and Cisco called VCE (Virtual Computing Environment). VCE has been retired in favor of new brands, VxBlock, VxRail, and VxRack. The lineup has been pared down to one device, the VxBlock 1000.



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Software Updates


Vendor Risk Management: What to Consider When Shopping for a VRM Solution

Vendor risk management (VRM) is not a new concept, but is becoming more popular as a way to help curtail Third-Party Vendor-initiated data breaches. When shopping for a VRM program, it is important to consider the following: 1) Risks covered; 2) Process ownership; 3) Vendor coverage; 4) Coverage persistence; and 5) Service levels.



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Smart ATM Deposit Continues to Grow

1.2 million ATMs worldwide now offer automated note deposit, as FIs look to reduce costs and improve service levels. This includes both recyclers – machines which redispense the same notes that have been deposited – and less complex devices in which the deposit and dispense modules are completely separate. Automated deposit is particularly popular among FIs that are transforming their branches in a bid to enhance profitability.



Dollars down the Drain: How Your ATM Lock System Could Be Costing You

By some accounts, the ATM industry has been using the same kind of locks for the past 20 years. Some observers contend that that old-fashioned lock systems — and the labor-intensive manual processes associated with them — can be the source of large costs, avoidable ATM downtime and inadequate security against current ATM attack methods.



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Wireless World


Three Keys to Debit Cards' Future as Mobile Banking Builds

The author contends that unless FIs proactively integrate this payment product into their mobile banking apps, they could miss connecting with Millennials. He goes on to identify rewards, ease of use and security features as key elements, and how to bring the debit card to the mobile platform.



AT&T’s First 5G Customers Use the Service for Wired LAN Replacement

Business customers are installing a 5G router for a LAN replacement, but when more devices start showing up on the market with embedded 5G modems, “then you don’t even need the router,” according to ATT's CEO. He added, “We’ll have 5G coverage nationwide next year. We’ll offer 5G to both businesses and consumers.”



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Security Section


Cybercriminals Are Becoming More Methodical and Adaptive

Cybercriminals are deviating towards a more focused approach against targets by using better obfuscation techniques and improved social engineering skills as organizations improve in areas such as time to detection and response to threats, according to Trustwave. The retail sector experienced the highest number of incidences at 18%. The finance sector came in second at 11% and hospitality third at 10%.



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Technology and Marketing


22 Things You Wish Marketers Would Stop Doing on Social Media

This article concludes that too many brands don’t use their digital megaphones effectively. At best, their lack of awareness (of the audience or platform etiquette) is annoying. At worst, it prompts people to “mute” or “unfollow” their social media. So the article lays out 22 social media pet peeves to avoid.



How FIs Can Diverge from Traditional Marketing to Digital

This article explains that financial institutions musts prepare for mobile first indexing. It goes on to provide a few examples of best practices recommendations from Google.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Why T-Mobile Rolled out a Boring Financial Account

T-Mobile recently rolled out a new banking service called T-Mobile MONEY, which is a low-cost, mostly digital checking account with the help of a partner bank. For some observers that driving logic is that for a company like T-Mobile then, converting a wireless subscriber into a checking account holder would then reduce the likelihood that they would switch their cell phone plan to AT&T or Verizon.



Visa "Next" Promises Greater Consumer Control of Digital Payments

Visa just announced the debut of Visa Next, a platform for issuers and issuer-processors that enables such options as the ability to create new digital card accounts on demand and instantly activate and tokenize digital accounts for e-commerce and mobile-wallet use. Visa Next offers a series of application programming interfaces to enable these services. It appears the platform is active now, but other features, such as what Visa calls flexible transaction funding and loyalty and engagement, are coming later this year.



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Internet Access


Open Architecture and Open Source – the New Wave for SD-WAN?

The author says that the first wave of open source in networking signifies that networking is moving to the software so that it can run on commodity off-the-shelf hardware. The second wave is the use of open source technologies, thereby removing the barriers to entry for new product innovation and rapid market access. This is especially supported in the SD-WAN market rush.



Cloud Security Models

More and more businesses are deploying applications, operations, and infrastructure to cloud environments – but many don't take the necessary steps to properly operate and secure it. This article discusses cloud security models and concerns.



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Call Centers


Using IBM Watson for Call Center Work

IBM's Watson AI technology can help call centers improve service levels and free up staffers to deal with more complex issues. For example at Regions Bank, Watson Assistant is providing call center employees with guidance on customer inquiries. The Banker Assist tool lets employees use AI-powered search when faced with a question to provide quicker call resolutions and more consistent answers. In addition, some callers interact directly with Watson, getting quick and consistent answers to routine questions, giving employees more time to tackle more challenging questions.



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